Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An update from Coach Sean.

Been busy for quite awhile now... I need to become much more efficient in my time useage! I have so many irons in so many different fires right now that it is hard to keep track of them all. But keep track of them all I must!

My game against GM SUSAN POLGAR was published in the ASCF's "CHESS SCHOLAR" Scholastic chess magazine. The annotations were not done by me... although I should have submitted some I was focusing in on my other commitments and obligations at that time and so did not manage to get those to Leo Larcimosa, the Editor. At some point in time I shall have to put that game up here on this blog for everyone's viewing enjoyment. Quite a game... considering the circumstances under which it was played. To get a win against a GM like Susan Polgar always means something, even if the GM did not play her best. These GMs do not lose often nor easily and so it is always interesting to play them Win, Lose or Draw. If you get a win in a Simul against a GM you should treasure that experience! Better still if you ever do manage to take one down in an Open tournament you should treasure that game forever.

My plans for 2009? Continue to coach my students, help them improve and to help them all see the bigger picture as regards chess in their lives. Chess alone as an interest is not desirable... chess as one of many interests is highly desirable. Well rounded is the goal and to play chess well, to keep those young minds healthy and engaged is the ultimate goal no matter how far my students take their game. When I am no longer able to help them improve then I will point them in the direction of a high quality chess coach who can.

I will be running my Super Groups throughout the Summer of 2009 and I will be running some chess camps in addition to the private chess lessons that I will be offering as well. I want to get all of my ASCF students up to speed and into the Champ sections of the ASCF events as quickly as possible and this can only be accomplished if I can work with them and help them to correct the defects in their games that I see every chess club meeting... Of course at every level of understanding the "errors" are of a different nature and how we tackle them, as Coach and student, can determine how prepared the student is for clearing the next set of chess hurdles that loom up on the horizon of their understanding.

As regards my personal chess plans for 2009 I fully intend to compete in some major chess tournaments. Time to bang the rust off of my game! I am intending to play up in as many events as I can... playing in my section is of no interest to me as you only get better by grappling with those more skilled than yourself and for me to do this I have to play in the U2200 or Open sections of chess tournaments. I would prefer to play in the Opens! Playing up is the way to go people!!

Make it a great day -Coach Sean.

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