Saturday, January 16, 2010

CUBA'S LOSS IS OUR GAIN: Meet the 2nd Highest Rated Player in Phoenix Arizona DIONISIO ALDAMA!

For those of you not in the know Dionisio Aldama is the second highest rated player in Arizona – as of this writing. He is probably as strong as most Grandmasters are – minus the G and the M in front of his name. During the final round of the most recent edition of the weekly Friday night action chess tournament Dionisio took the measure of his opponents and then firmly seized them up by their chess minds and then violently twisted the chess life out of them! The Friday night action is held at the Chess Emporium every week and is at least four rounds long. It was this humble chess blogger’s honor to bear witness to an extremely exciting game as it was in progress during the fourth round of the most recent outing – and then to also have seen another fine work of art produced by this extremely strong player from earlier in the night – one Dionisio Aldama.

As an added bonus for the evenings celebration of chess I got to watch Dionisio analyze Chess Emporium Chess Coach Joe Lafornara’s most recent loss – his fourth round loss to an extremely strong expert (2150-ish). What takes work for 99.9 percent of all players in the world comes with ease for Dionisio Aldama – and usually when he spots a winning idea it is with a smile upon his face. He even smiles when playing the winning line while at the board - this is a person who truly loves chess.

If you want the “Free” lessons from Dionisio then leave your ego at home and come play him during the Friday Night Action tournament that starts at 7 PM every Friday night. Arrive early so you can register for this fine event – and seating is limited during some editions of this event as there are also Super Group and Private lessons being given - in addition to the monthly three round scholastic Swiss style Chess open. The Chess Emporium is at times like a big chess hive – with lots of activity.

If you are looking for another opportunity to play Dionisio then this Sunday – the 17th of January – he will be giving a 12 board clock Simul at the Paradise Valley Mall Borders Bookstore. The fun starts at 2PM and continues until around 8PM that evening and the entry fee is $5.00 – paid to the man with a plan – Dionisio Aldama. You will have 30 minutes to match wits with one of the nations top players – and he will have only 30 minutes to move back and forth from one board to another as he gives lessons to one and all takers. This is a benefit to help support one of our strongest players – so be there or be square on a chess board square!

To warm up for the clock Simultaneous Exhibition Chess Match this Sunday here is a tactic from one of Dionisio’s games. This one didn’t last long – he takes the heart of a 2150 rated player in 16 moves! In fact when I played over the game I had to sit there for a minute or two before it dawned on my why the player of the white pieces was resigning his game to Dionisio.

Enjoy! – Coach Sean.




As Sherlock Holmes might say “Elementary, my dear Dr Watson”

But as all chess players know – the devil of a combination is hidden in all of those chess board details!

See you Sunday – Coach Sean Tobin.

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