Friday, March 13, 2009

1st posting, March 13th, 2009

Welcome one and all...

Ok, my last blog lasted all of one month... not so long! I think part of the problem was my work load and my extremely high levels of stress from these past eight hectic months. Well I am a bit healthier and wiser now and so on with the show!

This blog will be about all things chess that interest me, Coach Sean. I will post problems for my students here from time to time and I will post some of my games on occasion as well. I might even post some of my students games too!

As of right now I am located in Phoenix Arizona but who knows where my journy will take me next? Many places to be seen and many games to be played yet in this life. So on that note let us all make the most of the journey and hopefully you find my postings here to be worth your while.

Make it a great day
Coach Sean.


  1. Welcome...
    Hope to have some good discussion with you regarding this wonderful game!

  2. Hello Titus...

    Looking forward to discussing chess with you and anyone else who is a member of this interesting subculture. Are you located in the Phoenix Arizona area?

    Make it a great day~!