Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Kids and their hardware!


Ok - having fun is the main priority but of course!

Getting youngsters to play in their first tournament is the biggest challenge you will ever have as a chess coach. There could be numerous reasons for this - the child lacks confidence in her or his game, the parents lack confidence, the family schedule doesn't permit attendance at such events, a particular family does not value a culture of education as much as they should or the Parents didn't even know that a sub-culture of Scholastic chess players even existed. There are many, many possible reasons why some Parents do not actually want their child to play - a common one is that it infringes upon their "me" time on the weekends.

Everyone has different expectations for their child's first chess club experience. No matter what the expectations or whether or not a child can participate in the additional chess playing opportunities that exist outside of the confines of their chess club it is my mission to make sure that each and every child has fun playing chess while learning. That is it in a nutshell!

Make it a great day - today and every day!
Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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