Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Back in Massachusetts - St. Patrick's day is a big deal! In Phoenix it is NOTHING!!!! Whoa... I had assumed that there was a large Irish population here but I guess not or rather not anymore. Talking with some of the staff and teachers today over at Mercuy Mine I found out that there "Used to be Parades..." I heard that at about 7:20 AM when I went in for my morning chess club there. That meant no St. Paddie's day cross country or road race for me today! Whoa - big surprise as I was looking to go do one that would be local and easy for me to attend!! No leaving my friends house and going to a local event for me though.

If you didn't wear green today you may have been pinched! This does have an origin my friends! Irish folk, at one point it seems, believed that they would be warning friends and family members who did not wear green about the Leprechauns who just might take offense BY PINCHING THEM. I am a little confused though - was it green that they were supposed to be wearing or was it Orange? I don't know as I am a little vague on this and no one has yet corrected me about this. Could be that none of this info is legit!

Make it a great day one and all - especially on St. Pattie's day! - Coach Sean Tobin.

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